In our Photo Editing service, we divide the packages into 4 separated ones: Basic – Standard – Advanced – Premium. The price will be differed according to each package. Our new clients usually get confused with these packages, then today, I write this topic to explain clearly about our packages.


The basic package is applied to one exposure. Meaning if you have one exposure, then you should choose this Pack. Your photos will be processed using the following techniques:

replace the sky

Color correction, white balance, brightness and contrast adjustment

Eliminate flash reflections and tripods

Straighten horizontally and vertically.


Different from the Basic package, the Standard package applies to 3 washers without Flash images. If you choose this package, your photos will be processed as a Basic package but contain more difficult techniques:

Manual blending

Walls/ceilings de-saturate, reduce noise.


This package contains simillar techniques as Standard package. However, the difference between it is that it is applied for 3 – 5 exposures with  Flash shot.

Manual blending

Walls/ceilings de-saturate, reduce noise

Window pull, sell Blur sign.

Add a TV/PC screen, a flame to light a fire, a candle interior light

if you choose Standard package, but you have many extra requirements which need to pay a little extra fee. We will check those requirements and may apply.


Various packages in Photo Editing Services

Premium package

This is the highest package in our Photo Editing Service. It contains all the Photo Editing techniques and some more like:

+ Eliminate glare, wires, small signs, dust…

+ Reduce glare/reflection on any surface

+ Make your photos as natural as possible

+ All decorations are handled with care and need more time

With this package, you will be able to send us as many photos as you can. We will use all of them to get all the details for your image.

we will be able to suggest you the best price for your photos.


Hope this article was clear enough for your confusion regarding our various packages. If you still have any questions, please contact us: