You will find out how  Photo24h manages Photo Quality Process in this article.

 when clients send us a new order, they will translate their guidelines and send them to our editors. This is the first step to ensure that our editors understand the clients’ ideas.

First thing first, our editors are going to apply the standard editing process to all jobs.

Whether they are brackets or single photo, we will do adjust these elements: white balance, brightness, highlight/shadow, etc. By doing so, we can make sure that the final quality will be consistent throughout. This is the reason why we can handle a large amount of work without degrading quality. 

Building a customer database is also important in keeping the consistency and customizing different styles for our clients. is going to note down the preference during the time working with clients. Our editors will have to read through customer styles before starting to work on any orders.


After our editors finish editing the photos, our Quality Assurance Executives (QAs) will revise the entire job for any editing error that is still there. Next step, our QAs will send the job to the next round of checking. Our leaders of the editing team – who have over 10 years of experience in the field – will do another double-check before officially send to the CSOs.


Along with high-quality outputs, quick turnaround time is the second most important criteria when new customers reaching out to Our turnaround time is roughly 12 hours but it also could be flexible in special cases.